West Ham's O'Neil thought career was over

09 December 2011 10:41
West Ham United midfielder Gary O'Neil says he thought he was career was over.

He is ready to make his comeback in the next couple of months but admits he thought he would never get the chance to play again.

"A few months in I wasn't sure whether I would play again so it's been really good. The ankle is still going to take some time to get it where I need it. It's been hard. I've never had a long-term injury before.

"I had to have my ankle up above my hip for 55 minutes of every hour for the first two-and-a-half months - I was only allowed to put it down to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea.

"We've still not achieved what we want to achieve which is to get me back to where I was before the injury but we're definitely getting closer. It was a big step and I'll go home happy.

"O'Neil could be appearing in the first-team by next month and he is keen to get back into action, adding: "It's just a case of getting it strong enough and getting rid of the aches and pains.

"There is another game next week that hopefully I can get involved in."

Source: DSG

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