Spector praise for staff

01 May 2009 12:17
Jonathan Spector has praised West Ham's medical staff after suffering a serious injury against Sunderland.

The American right-back went in for a header with the Black Cats' Tal Ben-Haim and suffered an immediate concussion in the incident.

Spector has praised the Hammers' medical officer Ges Steinbergs and physio George Cooper for reacting fast after he swallowed his tongue.

"I don't remember the incident itself," Spector told the club's official website.

"I went up for a header and there was a clash of heads with one of the Sunderland players.

"There was nothing in it, just two players going for the ball and I came off worse than he did."

American swallowed tongueSpector revealed the staff's quick-thinking helped him get some oxygen back into his lungs at a crucial time.

"I suffered concussion before I hit the ground and then landed awkwardly where I got a shoulder problem.

"I also swallowed my tongue as I bit it on impact. I wasn't getting any oxygen so I started having a bit of a fit.

"Ges and George did a really good job of helping me get some oxygen back in my lungs.

"They were not able to pull my tongue out as I had clenched my jaw, so they ended up putting a tube through my nose and down my throat to help me get the oxygen that way.

"I was fortunate it happened here where we have good and qualified medical staff.

"I spent a night in hospital for observation. Once I started getting the oxygen everything was fine. Once I came to, I tried to rip everything off me but I wasn't aware of my surroundings and I don't remember it."

Upson helpSpector also reserved praise for team-mate Matthew Upson, after the centre-half helped to calm him down as he began to panic.

"It was actually Matt who came over and talked to me and calmed me down a bit.

"My first memory is of being in the ambulance with Ges. They explained what happened and from then on I was okay.

"My folks saw it on television and were concerned but Ges spoke to them while I was in hospital and explained everything."

The former Manchester United youngster has admitted his frustration at the injury as he was just getting back into the team after a hip injury ruled him out of the first six months of the campaign.

"It's been a difficult season what with getting injured at the end of last season and missing the first half of this season with a hip problem.

"I was fit and getting a run of games in the side and then this happens.

"It's just a minor setback though."

Source: SKY_Sports