Signing Roger Johnson shows Allardyce's desperation

By 07 January 2014 01:58

As a Wolves fan it is unusual to wake up to good news. Turning on the TV today however was a rare treat. Roger Johnson has been loaned out to West Ham for the rest of the season. Anything that keeps Roger Johnson perhaps the worse signing in all our history out of the dressing room is great. Better still if it is to a Premier League team that will surely be paying his undeserved wages.

If I was a West Ham fan however, this latest transfer would make me very very worried as if sitting 19th in the table had not already done that.

You see Roger Johnson is the perfect example of a poor player who had one good season and has been living off an undeserved reputation ever since.

Johnson's one good season came in 2009 when he was part of a Birmingham City team that went on an unbeaten run of 12 top flight games.

Since he was English and in form the hyperbole over Johnson started. He was suggested as a potential England player. 'Informed' pundits formed a view that Johnson was a quality centre half and an asset to any side he joined.

Unfortunately for everyone supporting a club Johnson played for the centre back began to believe his hype. His form quickly disappeared and he was revealed to be the player that Wolves fans have grow to dislike so much. A slow defender with poor positional sense, an lack of ability to read the game, poor ball control and blinkered passing.

Worse of all Johnson became something that I have never seen any other centre half be. He became a last ditch tackle show off. Much like keepers making saves for the camera's Johnson seemed to delight in the sliding block and last ditch tackle even when they weren't needed. They sure got him on the highlights of Match of the Day though.

At Wolves Johnson was inexplicably made captain and then proceed to destroy team unity by turning up drunk to training and generally playing a big part in getting Wolves relegated. Johnson was not satisfied with one relegation however.

Like a bad expensive smell he hung around to help us get relegated again. The moment of crowning glory being his complete lack of effort in the final game of the season away to Brighton. A win could have kept Wolves up but why bother trying to get one Roger I'm sure such effort would not eb worth your time.

Since then Johnson has spent time on loan to Sheffield Wednesday who are now fighting relegation themselves.

There is simply no way that Roger Johnson will improve the West Ham defence in any tangible manner. He is apparently available for the cup semi-final. If he plays Man City will run rings around him.

The fact that Sam Allardyce has decided to loan this poor excuse of a defender just shows how little scouting and effort he has put into improving West Ham's relegation threatened side.

I'd brace yourself Hammers and prey to any deity going that Johnson does not get on the pitch for you.


Source: DSG

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