Hammers stadium bid leads the race

23 November 2010 04:30
Sir Keith Mills, the deputy chairman of London 2012 and Tottenham director, admits West Ham are in pole position to take over the Olympic Stadium - but only if their bid "stacks up economically". Tottenham/AEG are bidding against West Ham to take over the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games - but the Spurs' bid would see the running track removed while the Hammers' would keep it. The Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) are due to decide between the two bids before Christmas. Mills said it was more important to avoid having 'white elephants' than insist on keeping a running track inside the Olympic Stadium, so long as an athletics legacy was created elsewhere in London. Spurs' plans for that legacy have remained under wraps. Mills told Press Association Sport: "West Ham's proposals are to leave the running track in place and if it stacks up economically I am sure the OPLC will award it to them. If it doesn't stack up they have an alternative in Tottenham with an athletics legacy elsewhere. "We promised in our bid to leave an athletics legacy. The IOC president has made it clear that it is more important not to leave a white elephant in London than whether that legacy is in the stadium or elsewhere in London. "The OPLC's job is to ensure there is a legacy and to ensure there are no white elephants. We have been told we will have an answer by Christmas and look forward to them coming up with the right decision."

Source: PA