Hammers best for Olympic Stadium - Brady

25 July 2012 01:47

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady insists her club remain the best option to honour the legacy pledge made on the Olympic Stadium.

The Hammers were chosen ahead of Tottenham in February last year by the Olympic Park Legacy Company to take over the ground when it becomes available in 2014. However, a High Court judge over-turned the ruling and a loan-finance deal between the club and Newham Council subsequently collapsed.

Brady, speaking in the London Evening Standard, said: "Shaping legacy success has been the key factor in continuing to pursue our interest despite the many twists and turns. Nobody is better placed to deliver the legacy for London than West Ham United."

She went on: "Our proposal would ensure a vibrant, busy stadium immediately upon the opening of the venue in 2014.

"Our vision is not solely held by us. We have had plenty of support along the way as we look to stand up for the promises made for London back in 2005.

"Indeed, Lord Coe said when we first began our journey in 2010 that our bid 'lives with the commitment we made back in Singapore'.

"If we were to be fortunate enough to be granted the chance to do so, West Ham United would provide a world-class stadium that would be their home.

"Put simply, we believe it is the best move for our fans and the best chance for us to grow as a club."

A decision on the identity of the residents is expected to be made in October.

Source: PA