Green remembers positives

17 March 2009 08:59
Robert Green has recalled West Ham's great escape ahead of the Carlos Tevez affair, when reflecting on the dramatic events of the 2006/07 season.

The keeper's comments come after the Hammers this week agreed an out-of-court settlement with Sheffield United over the saga.

While Tevez's goals helped keep the Hammers up, Green also had a key role in the final weeks of that season, with his inspired performance against Arsenal coming during an amazing run that saw West Ham win seven games out of their last nine.

Green believes the Hammers' fans will remember the positives once the dust settles on the affair.

He said: "That is what I'll remember, the staying up, and that is what the West Ham fans will do too."

While the two clubs have reached agreement, the saga looks set to rumble on as there could still be compensation claims from former Blades boss Neil Warnock and the players who were relegated.

Green added: "They can do what they like, to be honest.

Lose interest"There is only so much before you lose interest.

"It has been going on for two years but it is one of those things and if it rumbles on, it rumbles on."

The two clubs could also meet each other next season if the Blades are promoted from the Championship, with any clash having extra spice after the Tevez affair.

Source: SKY_Sports