Brady stands by Allardyce

29 March 2014 01:46

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady refuses to "accept" booing of her side, as happened in midweek.

United manager Sam Allardyce voiced his displeasure as he and his players were jeered at Upton Park, despite a 2-1 win over Hull.

Some fans were unhappy at the nature of West Ham's performance against a 10-man Hull and at the final whistle Allardyce cupped his ear to their boos.

And, according to Brady, her manager was right to be upset.

Writing her weekly diary in The Sun, she said: "Sam had selected a team for a low-scoring match, knowing what to expect against Hull, and could not have predicted he needed instead a team to play against 10 men.

"His actions on the pitch were prudent and, at this stage of the season, correct. There is no way I can accept my team being booed. It undermines them when, in particular, they are giving everything they have to make up for the bad time the club endured before Christmas.

"Big Sam is so upset he complains that he has never heard a winning team booed. While this might not be strictly true, I doubt you would get the same at Fulham or Sunderland if they had won."

Source: PA