West Brom manager Tony Mowbray slams football pundits

22 February 2009 12:01
Albion are currently bottom of the league and the under pressure manager has said he is tired of being told he gets things wrong by people he considers incapable of management.

Adamant he will continue to do things his way he told the Mail

: "I've got the world telling me I'm doing this wrong and that wrong and playing the wrong formation. But I will stay single minded and focused on what I believe in.

"If the experts sitting on the sofas were good enough they would be doing this job themselves.

"Even when you get teams winning 10 games on the bounce there are still people telling you that you are not doing something right. Jose Mourinho, for instance, won leagues but was told that his Chelsea team didn't play entertaining football.

"If you start listening to this influence or that influence you can lose track in what you believe in. I pick the team I want, I pick the players I want."

Mowbray has reason to be confident in his approach. On top of leading Albion to the FA Cup semi-finals last year where they lost to eventual winners Portsmouth, he also brought the club up to the Premier League

"We did okay playing open, attacking football last season," he continued.

'I understand the question being asked about whether you can do that at this level because you're facing better teams, better players - but I think you can. If you lose everyone is telling you where you're going wrong.

'Possession of the football allows you to dictate tempo of the game which is why we like to keep the ball. I do what I do and I don't listen to what they or anyone else tells me.'

Albion have yo-yoed between the Championship and the Premier League since 2002, and experience of the top flight Mowbray insists is something some of his players are lacking.

"If we stay in this League for five years and do okay then the expectation will change and neither the fans nor myself would accept us being bottom. Yet we have only five or six players who have played in the Premier League.

"I'm feeling our inexperience, especially in defence.

Source: Telegraph