Olsson admits to burnout

22 July 2013 01:52
Fatigued defender welcomed summer rest

Jonas Olsson admits his under-par performances towards the end of last season were down to fatigue.

The giant Swede calculated that he played nearly 50 games last season for both club and country in all competitions.

Olsson, who has recently become a father, admits he was happy to walk away from football at the end of last season to get some much needed rest.

“I did feel towards the end of the season that I needed a break – I felt tired,” he said.  “There were a lot of factors; first of all I’m not that young anymore, secondly last summer I had no break.  “I think not having time off last summer eventually caught up with me.  “The last part of the season was therefore not the best for the team - and me personally.  “I played a lot of games and only missed two Premier League games.  “I played 36 90 minutes.  “I was only out for a few days over New Year and only missed the Manchester United and Fulham games.  “I played international friendly games and qualifying games.  “I had a few cup games as well so probably played between 40 and 50 games last season.  “You’re always more or less tired when you come into the latter stages of the season.  “And I think footballers in general are not the best at listening to their own bodies – you want to play if you’re fit enough.  “I think it was also the team in general.  “We have a smaller squad than the bigger teams and don’t get to rotate the squad like the bigger teams do.”

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Source: WBA MAD