JT doesn't mind keeping it tight

02 March 2011 02:40
Winger curbs creative flair for team shape Jerome Thomas is happy to play a more controlled attacking game if it keeps Albion in the Premier League. Thomas has maintained his place under new Baggies boss Roy Hodgson but has focused more on the team’s shape than his attacking flare under the new head coach. The former Portsmouth and Charlton winger revealed how Hodgson has been working hard with his players on the training pitch to improve the team’s shape when out of possession. "If I had to say one thing he's changed, it is bringing more stability to the team," he said. "He wants two banks of four and as an attacking winger I have to sacrifice some of that - so do Brunty, Dozza and Mozza - to keep the shape of the team. "So it just means more tucking in, more tackling, more defending - and heading on Monday! "It's all for the team and if that's what we need to do to stay in the Premier League, I'm all for it. "No-one wants to get relegated. "The players on the bench are not happy they're not playing but no-one wants to be back in the Championship. "We all know collectively - the players and staff - it's in our best interests to stay in the Premier League. "We're all working together. "We're not a team that sit back and hope for a chance. "We like to create, go forward and play good football and we will take that and take what the head coach is bringing in, which is stability, and hopefully the two will make a good combination."