Has Odemwingie lost the plot? striker faces fine over Twitter rants

By 28 January 2013 10:23

Players have been warned by the football authorities, their clubs and even their own union (the PFA) about the pitfalls of using social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Most seem to have taken the advice on board. Not so Peter Odemwingie it would seem who really isn’t doing himself any favours in his quest to flee the Throstles’ nest.

We read some bizarre and twisted tweets these days, but Odermwingie’s rants (I think he posted 15 or so in quick succession the other night) defy belief.

I know he feels hard done by – for whatever reason – and he wants away, but surely this sort of behaviour does not help his cause.

He slapped in a transfer request on Friday before hitting the networks, much to the anger of the West Brom fans who had taken him to their hearts prior to all this.

Albion have turned down two bids already, although it appears Harry Redknapp may step in with a bid which will tempt them.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some of Odemwingie’s baffling tweets so far.

· Players always bad cos they going against crowd. We start innocent in football and end up different when cheated and the rest.

· Loyalty left 70 per cent. The rest they stole out of my pocket thinking I was keeping money in there.

· Before that window – Peter is hard to figure out. Doctor said pain in his head. Since he bought the Bentley we can’t get anything out of him. Enough for today.

· Let me go and poor a ­Guinness into my system.

· After all I have contributed to the clubs success last two seasons I hoped to at least get a low prise (price). Answer - talk later.

· 'Last season January window is when I should have handed in transfer request. Was one foot in Rubin Kazan - not for sale. Fulham. Not for sale. Newcastle. Not for sale. Wigan. Not for sale.

Source: DSG