Good sport Hunt mulls Bremen future

09 March 2014 01:16

Germany midfielder Aaron Hunt has admitted he is considering his Werder Bremen future despite being hailed for his good sportsmanship after refusing to accept a penalty decision.

Hunt is a prime candidate for a FIFA Fair Play award after his refreshing honesty during Bremen's 2-0 win over Nuremberg with both sides battling to avoid the relegation places.

With Bremen 2-0 up at Nuremberg on Saturday, the 27-year-old told referee Manuel Graefe to reverse his 75th-minute decision when he awarded Werder a spot-kick.

Hunt had fallen to the ground inside the area after being challenged by Nuremberg's Argentine defender Javier Pinola, but insisted there had been no contact.

Graefe awarded a drop-ball instead.

"Out of instinct, I wanted to provoke the penalty, but that was wrong," Hunt told Sky Sports.

"I struggled with myself a bit (to say something), but we don't want to win any games like that, even if we are in a relegation battle."

Hunt was rewarded for his honesty with a handshake from Pinola and earned plenty of praise for his noble action.

"I take my hat off to him," said Pinola, while Nuremberg defender Mike Frantz added: "He showed why he's their captain".

With his Bremen contract set to expire in June, England-born Hunt still has to decide whether to extend his 13-year stay at Werder, whom he joined as a youth player in 2001.

"I need to make a fundamental decision: a lifetime at Werder or something new," said Hunt, who has made three appearances for Germany.

Werder coach Robin Dutt praised Hunt for his honesty and also commended Nuremberg's Japan international Hiroshi Kiyotake, who told the referee a corner awarded to his team should be a Werder goal-kick.

Source: AFP