Hornets chief holds Ashcroft talks

13 February 2010 01:16
Hornets chairman Taylor and chief executive Julian Winter recently met with Lord Ashcroft to discuss his plans for the club and the pending £7.5million rights issue which he is underwriting.

Taylor told the Watford Observer: "I was able to ask him questions about what he was looking for and what he saw as his commitment to the club and what he saw for the future of the club, and I was satisfied that the answers he gave me were truthful ones.

"People may not like that we have somebody as our major shareholder who doesn't have an interest in football, and I would say whatever you feel, we cannot alter that and we work with him and work for what is right for the club.

"And having met him I think we can do that and we can see that by him underwriting the rights issue."

Source: Team_Talk