Tabarez quits FIFA post

27 June 2014 10:01

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has resigned from FIFA's Technical Study Group in protest at the "excessive" four-month ban imposed on Luis Suarez.

In a 15-minute statement read out at a press conference in the Maracana, Tabarez launched an attack on FIFA for giving Suarez a lengthy ban for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.

Tabarez said he was resigning from his position on FIFA's Technical Study Group (TSG) - an expert panel which analyses international matches - because he believes Suarez's punishment was unfair.

The Uruguay coach also accused the English media of pressuring FIFA into making Suarez's ban so long.

Tabarez told a packed-press conference room in Rio: "It is not wise or prudent to be in an organisation with people, those who exerted pressure to promote this decision and those who rendered the award, who managed procedures and values very different to those I have.

"Therefore, in the coming days, I will file my resignation to that position formally."

FIFA handed the punishment down to Suarez as it was the third time he had been caught biting an opponent.

But Tabarez bizarrely appeared to claim the English media were also to blame for the hefty punishment.

The Uruguay coach said English reporters who were present at the match - and asked him about the incident after - stoked up the issue, which led to such a big punishment from FIFA.

"(It is) a decision which, obviously, is much more focused on the opinions of the media - the media who immediately drew their conclusions at the game - the journalists who concentrated solely on that topic at the post-match press conference," Tabarez said.

"I don't know what their nationality was, but they all spoke English.

"They concentrated on the history of Luis because of things that happened in the past.

"He was sanctioned, he complied with these sanctions, in the past."

Source: PA