Blokhin seeks to calm Shevchenko fervour

14 June 2012 06:18

Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin has tried to ease the pressure on star striker Andrei Shevchenko as his side prepare to go in search of a quarter-final place against France on Friday.

"He's a normal person. He's just one of the 23 players that I have at my disposal," he said.

"But he gives a very good example of professionalism by showing that you can play at his age. It's the best example for the young players."

Blokhin's pragmatic tone was echoed by midfielder Sergei Nazarenko, who claimed the excitement that has seized much of the country since the victory over Sweden had not permeated the squad.

"We didn't feel the euphoria because the supporters felt it," he said.

Source: AFP