UEFA urges Turks to deal with match-fixing fast

21 March 2012 03:46

European football's ruling body UEFA has urged Turkey to deal as quickly as possible with a domestic match-fixing scandal.

Turkish football has been shaken by a scandal in which 93 people, including the president of first division giants Fenerbahce, have been charged with rigging matches in the 2010-11 season.

UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino, speaking ahead of a UEFA Congress Thursday, said Turkish football chiefs had to rule soon to determine whether players or clubs were to be sanctioned.

"The faster a decision is taken the better, not only for UEFA but for Turkey," said Infantino.

"We're speaking a lot with the Turkish federation, but we have to move quickly because it's a question of sport, we have to find out whether we should be preventing someone from participating or not.

"This decision must be taken quickly. For (national) league championships to run smoothly, questions must be answered quickly."

Infantino said such affairs were dealt with differently in Europe.

He added: "In Italy, where there is a specal law, in Germany or in Greece the length of time it takes to deal with such affairs is different.

"Here, we see that it goes on and on but we have to separate the disciplinary part of the affair from the criminal part."

Source: AFP