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Redknapp saddened by foreign influx

16 Oct 2010 10:52:00

Redknapp saddened by foreign influx

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp believes the foreign takeover of the Premier League is bad for English football. In a week which has seen Americans arm-wrestling for control of Liverpool, Redknapp believes the relentless pursuit of money is taking football away from the real fans. And he predicts a future in which Premier League matches are played in countries all over the globe. He said: "When you end up with Americans they are going to want to take their team over to Texas or somewhere. "If there are millions of pounds in it to take the team to America or Russia or Hong Kong, China or Japan, it will happen. "They will be Premier League games down the road. They (foreign businessmen) don't buy Premier League clubs because they love the football club. It's all about investment. "They're not buying Liverpool because they love Liverpool and as little kids watched Liverpool playing and had Liverpool pillow cases. 'Who's this Liverpool?' they say. Let's go and buy Liverpool and make a few quid. "The time of the British owner seems to be disappearing faster and faster. I don't agree with it. It is sad." Redknapp believes potential British owners have been put off by the baggage which can come with owning a Premier League club. He said: "There are no British owners coming in any more. It's all foreign. Maybe they (British businessmen) are too clever to buy a football club. "You see Alan Sugar (former Tottenham owner) and he said you would have to be mad to throw your money down the drain and have people shouting abuse at you. "The Americans (at Liverpool) have put in £140million and they are getting abused. How would you fancy that?"


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