Harry plays down party talk

18 December 2009 10:56
Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has denied that a secret players' party was to blame for last weekend's defeat to Wolves. Spurs lost 1-0 at home to the struggling Molineux club on Saturday just days after the players flew to Ireland for what Redknapp thought was a golf day. "Wednesday was their day off and (captain) Robbie (Keane) told me they were going to Ireland to play golf. I had no problem with that," he told The Sun. "However, it is widely known that I do not approve of Christmas parties and I've always made it clear players should only drink in moderation. "Whatever happened in Ireland, I do not accept it had any effect on the result against Wolves." Speaking about Wednesday's 3-0 win over Manchester City which consigned the Wolves defeat to the past, Redknapp added: "The squad trained brilliantly on Thursday and Friday and there were other reasons why we lost that match. "On Wednesday this week, when we beat Man City 3-0, you could see the true character and talent in this team."

Source: ESA