Euro success pleases Harry

12 March 2009 03:41
Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp hopes that the success of English clubs in the Champions League this week will help his side avoid relegation. Spurs still have to face four of the top-six teams and hopes Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United will all be concentrating on Europe rather than domestic matters when they face his side. He said: "I've always said that you want to play the big clubs towards the end of the season as they're involved in the Champions League and FA Cup semi-finals. It all helps and you'll find that happens now. "It happened to me at Portsmouth when we played Arsenal, who had a Champions League match before and after, and three or four of their best players didn't play. It's all part of the luck of the draw. "It's about catching teams right. No disrespect to Middlesbrough, but it was a nice time to play Liverpool on Saturday after Real Madrid. Could you have played them at a better time? "I said to a lot of people that I couldn't see Middlesbrough getting beaten by Liverpool. "I don't look at the fixture list and think that we have this and that team. If you take away the cups, we haven't lost to a 'top four' team this season. "As far as I'm concerned, Man United didn't beat us at Wembley the other week either - that was a draw. They're all hard games but we can beat anyone on our day."

Source: ESA