Zidane Paves The Way for massive Real Madrid bid for Gareth Bale

27 May 2013 09:38

The season in England is completed, but over in Spain, there’re still a few fixtures to complete before the curtain comes down. That however hasn’t prevented the transfer season’s opening shots being fired. At the forefront is Real Madrid’s ‘Ambassador’ Zinedine Zidane, and Zizou has his sights targeted firmly aimed at White hart Lane, and a particular Welshman there.

After having the season destined to lift him into the superstar bracket, it was inevitable that Bale would be courted by Europe’s elite clubs, and spurs’ failure to secure Champions’ League football may have left them dangerously vulnerable to a big money, big time, big club approach. It’s clear that Madrid are lining up such an approach. It’s highly unlikely that Zidane’s stalking horse approach, singing the praises of Bale at every opportunity, is anything less than an attempt to alert the player of Madrid’s intentions. Although it’s difficult to argue with much of what Zidane is saying, it’s even more difficult to believe that the content is not at the behest of the club.

Now Totteham are no fools, and in Daniel Levy, they have a chairman astute enough to know the way that these games are played. Talk leaking from White Hart Lane is that the club have made Bale a massive offer to sign a new deal; potentially with the tacit agreement to allow him to leave should he have the desire to do so at the end of next season. To date however, the Welshman has not put pen to paper, and each passing day with that situation strengthens the hand of potential buyers, and weakens that of Spurs.

The big bonus for Spurs is that, despite his fame and not inconsiderable fortune, Bale seems to be a well-balanced, level-headed sort of a bloke, potentially not easily seduced by the allure of a foreign club full of glamour and glory. At 23 years old, he still has time on his side, and a further season in north London would probably be a sensible decision. This is football however, so the word ‘sensible’ doesn’t really have much currency.

As we sit at the moment, everyone will be aware that the sparring has begun. Spurs have offered a new contract, Zidane is singing his Madrid song for Bale, and the player is yet to decide apparently. Sometime in the not too distant future, word will break of the bid being made, and then the gloves will really be off. Complicating matters for all, it’s highly likely that should Spurs or Bale offer even the slightest hint of interest, other clubs will then join in with bids. Not least new European champions Bayern Munich amongst them.

At the moment, the young Welshman has only a couple of issues fogging his future. Any time soon, that fog is going to get an awful lot thicker, and he’s going to have to make a few decisions before he will be able to see his way forward again.


Source: DSG

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