World Cup hero Hurst backs Harry's booze ban at Spurs after King shock

15 May 2009 02:14
Sir Geoff Hurst has backed Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp's hard line on alcohol. Redknapp announced he would forbid his players drinking alcohol to excess in the wake of Ledley King's arrest at the weekend. And World Cup winner Hurst believes all footballers should consider the benefits of being teetotal. "They are professional athletes, they arepaid a lot of money, they have a responsibility and one discipline thatany athlete should have is to keep away from drink and drugs," the West Ham hero told talkSPORT. "I think a manager like Harry who is in a serious club like Spurs has to introduce these sorts of guidelines. "I'm more likely to support that than say, 'Let's have a soft line'. Where do you draw the line between one glass of wine, and two, or a bottle or crate?" Redknapp confirmed he will discipline King, who has apologised to his manager and will be in the team which faces Manchester City at White Hart Lane on Saturday. Redknapp said: "Heknows he was wrong. He made a mistake and he has to learn from that andmake sure it doesn't happen again. I've had a good chat with him. "There is no problem with people having theoccasional drink but if you have to get drunk you shouldn't bedrinking.  "I don't want player going to nightclubs and misbehaving. Theproblems nearly all come when players get drunk. These players are rolemodels. They've got kids looking up to them."

Source: Daily_Mail