Will Levy back AVB at Spurs?

28 May 2013 09:03

So none of us really know the answer to the above question, all we really can do is hope that at some point it will happen.

Now we can all speculate on the relationship between AVB and Mr Levy, and to be honest the only two people who would know what it is like is the two men in question, we haven’t heard of any unrest in the first season of the reign of AVB so we can only assume that all is well on the western front.

Now if AVB were to go to Levy and specify the list of choices he would want to be bought into White Hart Lane would there be a simple yes or would the response be something completely different. I often wonder what Levy is really like to approach with a players wanted list. He appears to be someone who likes to wait someone who likes to play the long game regarding transfers, and always does the spectacular on deadline day. Then again to think back there has been some backing but at the same time there has been a lot of selling as well like last year Spurs bought in £61,500,000 worth of talent and yet we sold £62,800,000 (source www.transferleague.co.uk) , now the last time Spurs spent over that amount was in 08/09 season where they spent near on £83,000,000. It’s funny actually and very ironic the both times Spurs spent over £50,000,000 there was a manager change 08/09 was Juande Ramos out Redknapp in and then in 12/13 Redknapp went and AVB was in. Now I’m not being superstitious but if I was AVB let’s hope there is no repeat if they do spend over that amount.

Now the league positions on those occasions were 8th in 08/09 and 5th in 12/13, so really then does it tell us that Spurs are not spending enough money to get into the illusive top four or to win the league or is it that there isn’t enough, or even they are not buying enough quality to get them there. Now some of the players that left in those seasons were pretty hard to replace for instance Berbatov, Modric and Van Der Vaart so was it then that they sold and never replaced or did they sell and went and bought the wrong players which they were hoping was right. There has been a hint of bad luck too as well with Chelsea winning the competition to knock Spurs out after a great season finishing 4th.

So what can we expect from Levy in the upcoming window? We know Moutinho has been sold, all be it to a lower standard than the Premier League and Damiao saga is still on going for yet another window so where do the options lie for Spurs and what players will AVB put on his list to Levy?

There has been numerous links on numerous websites as to what players Spurs are in for but yet with every player Arsenals name are always thrown in to the same pot. I feel this window is going to be a tough one for Spurs especially if the Arsenal are in for the same players, I don’t want to say it but do Spurs need to do a Man City spend big pay big wages and get success and hopefully stay each year in the top four or is it that they bargain hunt and see who they can pick up?

Now I’m hoping Spurs still have enough respect in the footballing world that they don’t need to bargain hunt after all they still do have European football they are able to offer and for players such as Damiao and Benteke for instance it is still a good spring board to show their talents, and for players like Toby Alderweireld and Christian Eriksen would it seem challenging enough for them to try and get Spurs into the top four after all the two players mentioned have done it all nearly at Ajax.

So really then the four players mentioned above would they be enough to spear head Spurs to the top four or is there another say £25,000,000 on top of the £50,000,000 million that the players above would cost, need to be spent maybe David Villa or say a good younger goal keeper to keep lloris on his toes would that be enough.

I’m hoping whatever Spurs do, they do it early after all if they leave so late again will the players still be available or are we going to see Mr Levy again scrambling around on deadline day trying to get any one and every one, if this is the case then all I can see is another disappointing season a head.

Source: DSG