Who is really pulling the transfer strings at Tottenham, AVB or Levy?

25 February 2013 04:24

So here we have it, a question that has been bothering me for many months now. Who decided during the January window not to buy any strikers, was it AVB or Daniel Levy?. 

Well in my own opinion it was the man who authorizes the transfers, and that’s one Mr Daniel Levy. The reason for my thinking isn't through fact or inside information, it is just my own beliefs. But please read on and see if you agree with me.

What was the thinking behind it all? Well I think that Levy didn't spend a penny purely because he is waiting to see if Spurs will qualify for the Champions League. He has always been a shrewd businessman and nothing showed that more than the Modric affair with Real Madrid last summer. 

He is sitting back with his hands very much on his purse strings and thinking 'if we qualify I might open them' or 'if we don’t they will stay shut and AVB will be told to sell players before he can spend'. That means there will be a lot of fringe players leaving this summer which could turn out to be a good thing for Spurs.

I have no evidence that this is what happening but let’s really think about it and decide, could it be the truth?

Only time will tell, but if AVB can steer Spurs into the Champions League, Levy will be sure to hand over the cheque book and ensure Spurs remain a top four side for the long run. 

Source: DSG