What now for Tottenham Hotspur?

17 December 2013 09:20

So I read that AVB has been sacked, well the first thought that went through my head was “what now?”

They have made a change and I hope there is a backup plan, now I for one do not want Glenn Hoddle in charge I’m sorry I now he is a legend of the club but I think he needs to stay that way. He isn’t the first person I would look too take the club forward.

Swansea’s Michael Laudrup is a good choice if he was willing to leave I am impressed by what he has done in Wales and his free flowing attacking football would excite the Spurs faithful. Other options that are being touted about are Fabio Capello; sorry I can’t see that happening.

Zola has been mentioned by some social networks I think his lack of experience would go against him on that one, in the world today, I am just sitting here and I honestly can’t think of anyone that I would want to see as manager.

There must be a option out there, all the top managers are taken though so where or what did Levy have in mind? Did he see something we as fans or journalists don’t see?

Where is Levy going in his mind that will take the club forward, Man United kept their manager for 20years to achieve their success, yet Levy gives them 18 months and hopes for the same, with all the manager changes in football today is it no wonder why clubs are not enjoying the success and financial stability that they once did.

Is it time that the LMA intervened who knows but all I know there isn’t many managers out there that can take the Lilywhites forward, oh a epiphany Germany’s Joachim Low he is young and to be fair what he has done with Germany is excellent, there you go Mr Levy there’s your target so as a Spurs fan go get him, but again can’t see it myself not with the world cup coming up, well I guess as a fan I shall sit back and wait for Mr Levy’s plan to be unravelled. Let’s hope it is the right plan?


Source: DSG