Unhappy fans should target O'Neill, the real Villan of the piece, not burned-out Agbonlahor

16 March 2009 10:17
Martin O'Neill must take his share of the blame for the shoddy way Gabriel  Agbonlahor was treated by some Aston Villa

fans against Tottenham


The manager entered his team into the InterToto Cup last July and ensured they would face a formidable fixture list, which he now admits has left them tired.

Don't listen to them: Martin O'Neill comforts the taken-off Agbonlahor

He then raised expectations about Champions League qualification by gambling  everything on finishing in the top four of the Premier League including, when  he fielded a weakened team in the knockout stages, Villa's genuine shot at UEFA  Cup glory.So when unrealistic supporters cheer the substitution of a young player who  will inevitably suffer fluctuations of form in such a long season it is not  just their actions he should be questioning. 

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Source: Daily_Mail