Tottenham can still prevail this season, and here's why

15 October 2013 03:38

Accuse me of wearing my Lilywhite tinted glasses but I still feel that this could truly be one of Spurs’ best seasons of late. This season there isn't just a Champions League spot up for grabs….But there’s a real battle on for the title. I'm not for one moment suggesting Spurs will lift the coveted trophy, but we have a real chance of challenging; and after our disappointments since 2010/11.

Tottenham are unrecognisable compared to last season; the departure of Bale funded no less than seven new faces in the squad. All the new signings are top class players; players that arguably would make any Premier League first team. At an average age of 23, the new crop are young, fresh and have plenty of playing years in them; real investments for the future. For the first time in a good few seasons, Spurs have a wealth in good quality depth in the squad. The bench is full of players that arguably could easily be first team regulars; not players that you despair over coming on when an injury occurs. The substitute contributions no longer weaken the team but are a pair of fresh legs that provide a different playing style for Spurs.

This season Spurs showed their quality; not only by the signings they made but by the players they sold. It was almost as if the club made a conscious statement about the calibre of players the team will now include – and that meant getting rid of the dead wood of Huddlestone, Parker, Dempsey and Gallas. Although they are players who played vital roles last season I feel almost as if their departures were used to truly show the club is moving on from the past; evolving.

I feel the team at the moment is playing generally good, attacking football. We are creating heaps of chances and once the team have a real chance to ‘gel’ together I’m sure the goals will start coming too. In my opinion, once Soldado gets his first goal in open play he will be on a roll. Strikers thrive on confidence; although not short of any himself, I feel a goal will do Soldado wonders. With Lennon out injured the team is playing particularly narrow; this cost us the game against West Ham. The only player using the width of the pitch was Townsend; however his persistence on cutting back in ending up costing us goal scoring opportunities as the best efforts seemed to be from crosses. Once Lennon is back and Lamela is settled within the team I feel we will gain the width we've been lacking in recent games.

Although I am hugely positive about Spurs’ chances this season I have my disappointments too. Caulker was a fantastic young talent for us and with Kaboul’s frequent injury woes I would rather have another quality centre back as Kaboul sustaining form and remaining injury free for the entirety of the season seems extremely unlikely. The role of Lamela concerns me also, the big figure signing is yet to play a whole game and only seems to be brought on once a game has already been won or lost which surely isn't confidence building. I feel the truly settle within the team and get used to the Premier League he simply has to play regular matches.

The season is wide open with no clear cut winner; a season that is more exciting and unpredictable than ever before. Already we have seen unbelievable results and teams such as West Brom and Cardiff being giant-slayers. In my opinion the team that will prevail is the team that stays fit and has the strongest quality in depth – and who is to say that isn't Tottenham Hotspur?


Source: DSG