Top 10 most expensive players of all time: 7 - Robbie Keane

30 July 2012 03:08
Irishman Robbie Keane has played for 10 clubs so far in his career, with many of them playing top dollar for his services.

His merry-go-round move from Tottenham to Liverpool and back again cost around £35million alone with big money moves to Inter Milan and Leeds also squeezed in before.

He is now plying his trade in the American MLS alongside David Beckham and Landon Donovan at Los Angeles Galaxy.


Wolverhampton Wanderes to Coventry City, £6.000.000

Coventry City to Inter Milan, £13.000.000

Inter Milan to Leeds United, £12.000.000

Leeds United to Tottenham Hotspur, £7.000.000

Tottenham Hotspur to FC Liverpool, £19.000.000

Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur, £12.000.000

Tottenham Hotspur to LA Galaxy, £3.500.000

Total transfer fee: £72.500.000

(Figures quoted from the Press)

Source: DSG