To Real or not To Real for Tottenham's Gareth Bale?

By 04 March 2013 11:50

Ok another article was out this week regarding a certain Gareth Bale, now I have tried not to write about this as it’s a topic that to be honest is getting ridiculous.

The article read that Bale had agreed terms and that it was just the transfer fee to be agreed and then it's a done deal. Well a problem with that is we haven’t heard anything from Gareth regarding this when approached with the media asking the question. There has never been a 'Yes', and then on the other hand we really have never had a No. The times I have heard the question asked the answers have always generally been the same.

“I’m enjoying my football and playing well.” Ok, so he is on top of his game there is no doubt about that, but I would like to hear a definitive NO I’m not moving. But we never have, which to me is a bit fishy, a bit unusual. Normally if players don’t want to go then No is the answer and that’s what it will always be.

Does Gareth really need to move? Is this young man who has been getting better and better for the last two seasons craving the big lights? Craving the move that any footballer would give there right arm for? He has recently had a baby and by all accounts settled. He has more money than he will ever need and by reading the press over the last two days is about to be offered a reported deal worth £130,000 per week deal to stay. So my only thought about him wanting to move would be the big lights and a big reputation of a club like Real Madrid. Yes I know some will say challenging for honers and champions league and what not, but it didn’t turn out so well for as Mr Modric who thought tooth and nail to get his move and has spent most of it warming benches and being a bit part player.

Gareth is a big fish in a relatively small pond and at Real he will be small sheep in a big field. There are a lot of stars there and why if you are playing regularly would you want to go and just be there? He may play every game who knows, but with Ronaldo and di Maria it is unlikely. If there was a blatant reason that was so obvious none of us would miss it then fair play I’ll be there waving goodbye but I don’t see anything like that, has it got to the stage where money out does loyalty, respect and playing football? For me that is one question I will never be able to answer without speaking to a footballer to find out.

Let’s not forget what Spurs has achieved this year. At I write this they are fourth, 1 point behind Chelsea as of the north London derby, challenging for the Champions league and if the points go their way could easily end up second in the best league in the world. He is still only 23 and if there is a sense of loyalty in a young footballer who had a tough start to his Tottenham career, for a club who stuck with him then a move at the end of the year would not be the best. Apply your trade at Tottenham and grow into a truly world class player and  if you are not getting what you want from the club then leave. Put in your request and your off. Maybe if Mr Levy “continues to drive the hardest deals in football”, both parties will get what they want.

All I’m saying is let’s get an answer from Gareth first and then let’s go from there. Speculation isn’t any good for anyone as we found out from the Mr Redknapp saga.

Source: DSG