The price of selling Gareth Bale this summer?

20 February 2013 09:10

The question around the board room at White Hart Lane is whether they should sell Gareth Bale or not. It’s unquestioned on what he means to the football club. And as the team tries to secure the sponsorship for the new stadium and what Bale means to the overall business of the club.

However the most important question should be at what price does it make sense for the club to sell Gareth Bale, who is arguably the best player in the Premier League? What happens if the valuation is not met? Does Levy have the same resolve for Bale that he had for Modric?

Without even blinking the price tag should start at 50m otherwise Levy should not even return the call of those clubs who dare to call; and as the brilliant goals start to pile up for Gareth Bale that price should continue to rise and the number of suitors should shrink.

Reports are now linking Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and now Paris- St Germaine are vying to the services with Real Madrid asking for the right match any offer for the Welshman and you have to figure that it would only add Manchester City and Chelsea as possible additional clubs that would pay the kind of price tag that Levy is going to command.

It is now becoming evident why Madrid entered into the business agreement with Tottenham this past summer; they had to know this type of scenario was going to be possible. The long protracted negotiations with Levy last year for Luka Modric could be very fruitful this summer if they are able to land Bale.

It’s going to be very important for Daniel Levy not to over play his hand here to ensure that he gets the best value for his prized asset. This move could certainly set up his club for long term success if he could parlay Bale for around $50-60m.

If the team is able to make the Champions League this year then you have to believe that Bale is the type of player that might stay at the club for a period of time before he requests to leave for richer pasture.

I would think that Real Madrid is the leader in the clubhouse at this point but its only February so things will surely change.

Now if Levy can get can in fact command that rate of return for Bale the quality of players he could get would make a sale almost too hard to say no.

Source: DSG