Taylor blasts technology delay

17 April 2012 08:17

Players' chief Gordon Taylor has branded the delay in introducing goal-line technology as "perverse".

Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, said it was high time football followed other major sports.

Taylor said: "I think the more it goes on that we don't use technology, the more perverse it is looking for football, being the major spectator game throughout the whole world as well as the major participant game."

He added: "When you see how successful it has been used in rugby league, rugby union, tennis and cricket - it is what the modern sporting spectator expects.

"In the interests of seeing justice is done and the right result - although controversy is always going to be part of the game - the sooner it comes in the better.

"I know people will say it is the thin end of the wedge because the next point will be was it a penalty, was it offside or not - but that might be a debate for another day.

"I think we should at least have that goal-line technology for starters. The technology is there and I see no reason why we should wait any longer."

The Football Association also back goal-line technology - but there is no guarantee of systems being used in FA Cup matches even if approval is given by the game's law-makers on July 2 to two systems following final tests.

The FA are wrestling with the issue of whether it should be used in a competition where some clubs, for example in the Premier League, would have a system in place and others lower down the leagues would not.

FA general secretary Alex Horne said last month the issue was still being discussed, adding: "We have to think about it locally in terms of whether it is enforced in an entire competition or at specific entry points. I don't think we could force 763 clubs to introduce it."

Source: PA

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