Spurs to finish second and win the Europa League

14 March 2013 08:41

Can they or can't they? that is the question on most spurs fans minds. After the Liverpool result I would have to say that it will be tough to get second, there would have to be some pretty bad results for Man City to achieve this. However nothing is impossible and with City not exactly playing well at the moment and still looking vulnerable at the back, now would be Tottenham’s chance to take advantage.

With Spurs playing exceptionally well in the Europa league will this act as a distraction for the league games will the league become a second priority to them going to win the Europa league? AVB did say he wanted to win the competition, and barring a miracle for Inter or a really bad game for Spurs they do look certain to go through. Has AVB thought about it and decided that qualifying for the champions league is his real priority? He may of course feel Spurs have a squad to be able to compete competitively in both and its certainly possible his team can achieve both goals with the players he has at his disposal.

The run in Spurs have coming to the end of the season isn't easy and can cause Spurs to fail in there Champions League ambitions if they are not careful, but lets for now be optimistic, Spurs to second? why not?

Source: DSG