Spurs Do Business before the 31st Of August

08 August 2013 10:09

What is happening at White Hart Lane this pre-season?

Three confirmed signings and according to this morning's press a fourth isn’t far behind in the shape of Capoue, so what does this mean?

Well to me I am hoping that Levy has decided that this year is the year to push and support the manager and make that jump to the champion’s league and if the signing of Soldado and smashing the clubs transfer record by £10 million is anything to go by then I as a fan am one happy bunny.

So can Spurs fans say this is the year we are going to the Champion’s League or are some saying the title could be ours? Well I for one won’t get too excited about the title as I feel we are still one more striker, a left back and a centre back or two away from being the team to push on. Now don’t get me wrong with the signings that have been made I don’t doubt that Spurs could be there or there about if they get a good run of results, and hopefully beat some of the likely challengers for the title this year, then maybe just maybe they could actually win it.

The signings that have been made are very strong. Paulinho for one for me was one of the best players at the Confederations Cup and Soldado's strike record last year speaks for himself.

Now if Spurs keep Gareth Bale then there is no doubt in my mind that Spurs can be there or there about, I’m hoping he will see the signings Spurs have made and maybe just maybe change his mind about leaving White Hart Lane. As we all know Levy can be a strong negotiator and if he don’t get the deal that suits Spurs then Bale will be at Spurs next year.

Can we sit here though and say Spurs are going for it?

Well maybe just maybe this is their year, and with Arsenal not having signed anyone worth mentioning - no disrespect to the young French player they signed - and Liverpool having issues with Suarez then I don’t see why not.

We all know Man United will be there but with the unrest with Rooney could cause issues. Manchester City have spent loads again to try and get the title back and then there is Chelsea, with the beloved Mourinho back at the helm.

This year could be the most open the league has been for a very long time.


Source: DSG