Spurs can now only wish for top four finish

18 April 2013 12:55

So are Spurs looking at another year before they get champions league football or is it just a fan being premature with his views?

This is what I am wondering, is there some sought of voodoo over white hart lane that prevents them from securing the top four or does the question need to be ask is Spurs’ not spending in January making the difference?

So the start of the season looks rosier spurs are ticking over nicely winning games and getting points, staying in the top four for the majority of the season Arsenal and Chelsea are dropping points left and right Spurs o are still picking up points and just sitting there quietly getting on with the job in hand staying within reach of the top four.

Then we enter into the January transfer window much hype surrounds Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Man City, which team is going to buy the big players and spend the most money, then without any action coming from White hart lane and a manager who did to be fair to him say there was not going to be any action from Spurs the window past.

Spurs are forced to buy Lewis Holtby early due to injuries Arsenal spend and Chelsea do the same on areas that need strengthening but yet spurs do not do any business on any areas that need improving, Striker for one back up for Bale and Lennon another and I’m sure there are many fans sitting there saying other areas.

So now we enter the final months of the season Spurs are up there and so are Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd battle it out for the league Arsenal start their famous run at the end which I am sure saves Wenger every year from getting the sack let’s face it a trophy less season for 7 years and yet he still has his job, Spurs in the meantime get injuries no cover for the areas and then the slip starts over again and Spurs fans sit there and think not again please not again. 5 games to go and Spurs sit fifth Arsenal fourth and Chelsea third, the run ins are hard for all teams and maybe Spurs has the hardest but is this the year they prove the critics wrong and go on a secure champions league.

So is the proof that spending in January helps and makes sure you are achieving your goals for the season. Or is this dejavue and purely coincidence that Spurs cannot achieve champion’s league and always lose out to the reds of north London.

Just questions in my head that I feel needs answering but as a fan please not again not again.

Source: DSG