Spurs and Sherwood Leaders of their own downfall

31 March 2014 09:39

So after the Liverpool game is there really any hope of A) Sherwood keeping his job beyond the end of the season and B) Spurs ever getting over the nearly men tag.

So what is the problem?

Well again from Sherwood we are seeing the 4 5 1 formation which hasn't worked so well in any games against the top.

The players were lost and almost playing like there was no direction no game plan, saying that they couldn't pass a ball 5 yards to each without giving it away, Dawson and the goal for Suarez was just awful these are suppose to be top calibre players earning money that the fans can only dream about, but yet some of the fans could probably do a better job than the players can.

There was again no reaction from Sherwood after 2 – nil down to try and change anything no formation changes nothing, it is weird to see that a manager can just sit back and do nothing. He sat in the stands for the whole game. In a post match interview saw him declare it was to learn about the team and the fact he learnt a lot from the game today, well sorry Tim but you probably should’ve of done that already and wasn't it not long ago where he was quoted as saying he knew the players inside and out.

So why sit there and do nothing why not change it, we have seen Mourinho do it and make substitutes in the first half because the formation wasn't working, is that the difference though is it that he just doesn't have the tactical knowledge to make a change is it that he is scared to or is there something that we as fans and writers don’t see.

I'm not sure in the direction that Sherwood can take Spurs I just don’t know if he can take them forward, to be honest I just don’t know anything about Spurs this year it is almost like watching a different team.

Is it Levy or Lewis making the difference is it the manager changes that are not helping the club, there has to be a underlying problem within White Hart Lane that is causing this team of very expensive players to not be able to play well as a team or individually.

One thing I will say for a manger in the position he is in and let’s face it he is under pressure and most likely was from the moment he took the job not to really know who his best eleven are and starts learning about them 7 games from the end of the season just doesn't inspire me to believe Sherwood can collect silverware for the Spurs faithful, something needs to change at spurs and change fast otherwise a mass exodus of players will happen because let’s face it is players like Soldado, Vertonghen, Eriksen and others don’t want to play for a team that aren't in the champions league or who can make a realistic title bid, they are to talented not be.

Changes need to happen and needs to happen fast.

Source: DSG

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