Should Tottenham Cash in on Gareth Bale?

24 May 2013 10:07

Tottenham could be a better team without Gareth Bale or should I say a more complete team without him. Bale is a great player and no one can doubt or dispute that, but he is only one player. If Tottenham were to sale Bale to the highest bidder, think about how they could improve the overall team.

We know that Spurs are in need of a first rate striker, Jermain Defoe, Emmanuel Adebayor and Clint Dempsey are all good strikers but no longer at the top of their game. With the money that Bale would bring in, Spurs could finally get someone to carry the load up front. The one issue though is that, Spurs do not have the Champions League spot to dangle as a carrot at any perspective player.

Spurs will never be a top team as long as they are unable to fill this critical position. The midfield looks to be in good shape and not much tweaking would be needed here. Let’s say Bale goes to Real Madrid; Spurs get a bag full of money and possibly Luka Modric back in the deal. Yes, Modric left Spurs in an ugly way but he is a great player who now realizes that England is where he belongs. With the money they get in the transfer, they could then go after a player like Edin Dzeko, Fernando Torres or Daniel Sturridge.

There are many creative things they could do with the money that Bale would bring in, not to mention, how much they would save in wages. It is said that Tottenham are in the process of raising Bale’s wages to £150,000 per week. The issue here is that this is nowhere near what other top players are making in the Premier League and around Europe.

Tottenham will have a hard time holding on to a player like Bale. Big money teams like Real Madrid, PSG or Chelsea will surely be inquiring about Bale’s services. These clubs also have the money to offer that Tottenham cannot. As with all athletes, you are only one injury away from being irrelevant, so it is better to strike while to iron is hot and not wait for one more year to pass you by.

Source: DSG

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