Redknapp Checks Out Milito

23 March 2009 04:09
Argentina striker Diego Milito

was among the players Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp looked at during Genoa's victory over Udinese at the weekend.

Milito, who has previously been linked with Spurs, was on the scoresheet at Stadio Luigi Ferraris in the 2-0 win that took Genoa to fourth in Serie A, with centre-back Domenico Criscito also impressing.

Redknapp travelled to Italy the day after Spurs' victory over Chelsea

and has suggested he will continue to build his squad at White Hart Lane after signing five players during the January transfer window.

Jermain Defoe

, one of Redknapp's arrivals, has had his protective boot taken off his injured foot and could be back in April.

That means the striker could play a part in Spurs' push for European qualification through their Premier League finish.

They are three points behind seventh-placed Wigan, with their recent results helped by the form of goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes

, who has bounced back after a series of high-profile blunders at the start of the season.

"Harry Redknapp has trusted me, which has been a key factor to improve my football within the team," Gomes told O Globo.

The Brazilian's stunning save from John Terry

enabled Spurs to record a victory over Chelsea at the weekend.

"I was very excited after the Chelsea game because the fans offered me a standing ovation," Gomes added.

"That is one of the reasons why I moved to England

and rejected big offers in the summer.

"In the last few months, I didn't feel good because I was the target of criticism. It was not fair but I accepted it and right now things are much better.

"Hearing the fans sing your name is something special and is great for every player and even more for a foreigner."

Gomes added: "If we played like we're playing now at the start of the season, who knows what sort of position we might be in now.

"But there's no point in looking back on what might have been, because now we have got ourselves in a good position."

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"; Comment 1 - 11 of 11Sort comments by:Most recentEach to their own as we all should say - guys - no need­ to be viscous. Some playes come to Spurs (like any­ team) and they don't become a success. It's­ life boy sand girls that's all. Cheers for the­ info garylocker.

From lee, on Mon 23 Mar 8:58PM1


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he wouldnt de grade himself by movign to a worser­ league. the premiership has a top four but everythign­ below that is just rubbish. all the teams in italy­ can play. and its been historiacally one of the best­ leauges. these english fans need to ge tover themselvs.­ your leauge is hardly english like hardly any­ english player managers or owners and arsenal­ cheated their way threw the champions leauge. im almost­ sure that the referee had a arsenal shirt on underneath

From darkshine622, on Mon 23 Mar 7:18PM1


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Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

rambro u can also come and c me ill rape yr mum

From garylocker, on Mon 23 Mar 7:09PM0


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indonoob y dont u come and c me and wel put things­ right u f--- wit

From garylocker, on Mon 23 Mar 7:06PM1


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zak - you're a muppet end of! And Pavy didn't­ play for Zenit (no 'h') either, check your­ facts before you tap in your shcoolboy put downs. ­ Probably right about Bent.but Bentley.he just­ couldn't handle the bright lights of the big city­ that spawned him. As for Milito, I can't see Spurs­ getting him if his team, now fourth in Serie A make the­ Champions League; and at 29 I'm not even sure why­ Spurs are looking at him.GaryLocker.Serie A is on­ par with our Championship? While i like to Big Up all­ things English I do live my life in the realm of­ reality you on the other hand must be a space kiddette!­ The Prem is faster and somewhat more physical.some­ players adjust (Santa Cruz for example) and others­ don't. Saying the Serie A matches up with teh­ Championship is ridiculous!

From RAMBR0, on Mon 23 Mar 7:03PM3


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ok go on

From Zak33uk, on Mon 23 Mar 6:42PM0


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Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

when spuds bought Rebrov was 30-35 goals in the league­ then when he joined spuds hi hoBent was scoring goals­ for Charlton week in week out then hi ho, Bentley was­ very good player at Blackburn and in England squad when­ he joined spuds hi ho, Pavly was very good with zenith­ till he joins spuds hiho and list still very long­ spudskeep spending keep spending maybe premiere league­ next season like you gonna finish 4th this season as­ plan ha ha ha

From Zak33uk, on Mon 23 Mar 6:41PM0


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Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

you still buying players after 80M pound spent this­ year on players likeModric, Pavly, Gorlucka, Bentley,­ Chimbonda, Defoe, Keane, Cudicini, and so on just to­ play for survival ha ha ha ha spuds

From Zak33uk, on Mon 23 Mar 6:36PM0


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garylocker is an idiot

From indonoob, on Mon 23 Mar 6:33PM1


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lee im a fellow spurs fan milito is 29 currently­ playing 4 genoa he is a 23-25 goals a season man wether­ he would cut it in the prem remains to b seen mate.­ where ever he as been he has had sucsess. there league­ is on par with our championship so he would have to­ step up take care buddy

From garylocker, on Mon 23 Mar 6:25PM1


Report abuse

Milito, don't know him, worth it? Spurs fans answer­ only please as anyone else's words WILL be a waste­ of space ;p


From lee, on Mon 23 Mar 5:40PM0


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