Outrage amongst Spurs fans over tapping up of Bale!

18 June 2013 03:36

Ok so all of this week I have been reading about Zidane and his comments about “bale should hand in a transfer request to speed up the move” well after speaking to a friend @SuperSpursStats via twitter and the fact that he was going to put up a petition online about the fact that UEFA should step in and charge Real Madrid with tapping up. It got me thinking!!!!

Should Spurs report Real? Well I have never seen a more blatant attempt by a club to tap up a player if this isn’t recognised by UEFA or any other footballing body then I’m sorry as the saying goes they should of gone to Specsavers.

I know apparently there is some sort of partnership in place between Real and Spurs but at the end of the day if I was Daniel Levy I would be going ape by now about the comments that are coming out of the Spanish club, whether there is a partnership in place or not I would be reporting them to UEFA, there has to be a stand against this happening and against the bigger clubs from basically saying they are above the Laws of the game, and at the end of the day if we let one club get away with it they will all be trying it and then we have completely lost respect for the rules.

Levy should be on the phone demanding this stop and demanding the partnership should be dissolved because if this is in the agreement then as a fan they can keep it. Levy is such a strong character when it comes to transfers and the price of buying and selling why does it seem like he is being a puppy dog when it comes to this. There hasn’t been a statement from Spurs regarding the tapping up from Real and maybe there should be to show us fans what their intentions are regarding this and to at least let Real know that this cannot go on and any comments coming from the Spanish club will be reported because otherwise it will just show the footballing world that Spurs really are a small club in the world of football.

So come on Levy man up and show us fans that you are going to take a stand and the fact we are a big club within football and not a whipping boy for the bully of football.

Source: DSG