Out of Europa League, Spurs must focus on Champions League qualification

12 April 2013 09:39

After watching the game last night and seeing Spurs get knocked out of the Europa League, I did sit there and think - is it such a bad thing?

Now we all know Spurs desperately need to qualify for the Champions League. And after the results at the weekend it does leave the team with a very difficult run in. With both Arsenal and Chelsea picking up points, I for one am glad that the run is over. I knowo it would've been nice to get some silverware but surely our trophy this year would be finishing above Chelsea and Arsenal?

With the Champions League being worth a reported 40million in revenue surely that has to be worth more to the club than winning the Europa? Now with the 10 day break Spurs have before there next game, it will give AVB the chance to regroup and set his sights on getting Europes elite competioion back to the Lane and give us fans something to cheer about when we finish above Arsenal.

It's not going to be easy but I am sure Spurs, as a team, deserve there place and have earned there place in the competition - and for once and for all stop being the 'nearly men' of the Premier League.

So come on you Spurs and AVB bring the good times back to the beloved Lane!

Source: DSG