Liverpool's exclusion of Robbie Keane adds fuel to Tottenham rumours

01 February 2009 02:22
The Spaniard even hinted that he had not originally sanctioned the £20 million summer move for Keane when asked why he was leaving such a highly valued player out.

"The club spent £20 million on Robbie Keane. The club," he said. "I have been talking with Robbie in training about how they have to be ready if they are on the bench."

This latest exclusion has fuelled rumours that Harry Redknapp and Tottenham will make an 11th-hour bid for 28-year-old Keane before the close of the transfer window on Monday at 5pm.

Any addition to his striker force would be a welcome arrival for Redknapp, who earlier this week was told that Jermain Defoe faces at least four weeks out after picking up a foot injury in training.

Last week Benitez said he had been less than impressed with Redknapp's comments regarding his admiration for Keane and claimed he had deliberately sought to unsettle the striker.

Redknapp has since retaliated and questioned what it was he had actually done wrong. "It (a move for Keane) was never a goer and I don't know what it was all about really," he said.

"We didn't make a bid for him as far as I know. The chairman asks me who I like, I tell him and sometimes he makes inquiries for players.

"The comments I made, there was certainly nothing wrong with any of them. I don't know why the manager of Liverpool gets so upset about everything, it's strange.

"Have you seen what I said? Have you heard what I said? What did I say? Some young lady said to me 'do you wish you still had Robbie Keane?'

"I said Robbie Keane is a terrific player but he belongs to Liverpool so it's not a possibility. I didn't say I'm trying to get Robbie Keane.

"(But) I wouldn't sit here and say I wouldn't like to see him back - I'd be a liar."

Source: Telegraph