Lackluster Spurs scrape through to quarter-finals

By 15 March 2013 10:47

After writing my article yesterday 'Spurs to finish second and win the Europa League', I sat at home last night with great anticipation of a successful and strong performance against Inter Milan, from a Spurs side that has been in excellent form. However, After the 2nd goal went in I all most sat there with regret of writing a bold statement.

Was this really the same Spurs side that beat Manchester United and Arsenal? They were very defensive in the way they were set up and maybe this was to defend the lead or to compensate for Gareth Bale being suspended, I just don’t know. With Lennon on the bench as well, the attacking prowess was left to Defoe and Adebayor, two strikers who haven't been in great scoring form as of late. Because of this, it was hard to see were the goals were going to come from.

When the match started it was obvious to see what the tactics were, attack with no real venom and defend like your life depended on it, but as any Spurs fan knows attacking is better for Spurs than defending, and this showed when on one of the very few Spurs attacks they did score all be it in Extra time and even then Inter still managed to get a goal back which made the last ten minutes of extra time a very nervous affair and I bet there weren't many finger nails left in that period.

I feel that if Spurs had gone out and done what they do best and played fast paced attacking football then I’m sure the score and also my nerves would have been in a far better state by the time the final whistle had been blown.

Andre Villas-Boas needs to take note if Spurs want to go on and win this competition. They have to play the football they are good at and not the all-out defending that they have to work hard to do. We all know you go away from home in Europe and you defend but sometimes attacking is the best form of defence.


Source: DSG

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