King to be punished by Tottenham

15 May 2009 01:09
Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says Ledley King will be disciplined by the club for being drunk during the early hours of last Sunday.The 28-year-old defender was also arrested and questioned on suspicion of assaulting a man in Soho, London. King has been bailed by police until mid-July while inquiries continue into the incident. The England player has since apologised and said the evening was "a night out with friends which went too far". Redknapp did not reveal what the punishment would be but he did state that King would be in the team for the home match against Manchester City on Saturday. "Ledley will play tomorrow - he has apologised," said the Spurs manager, who is set to ban his players from drinking alcohol. "He knows he was wrong. He made a mistake and he has to learn from that and make sure it doesn't happen again. I've had a good chat with him. "There is no problem with people having the occasional drink, but if you have to get drunk you shouldn't be drinking. "I don't want players going to nightclubs and misbehaving. The problems nearly always come when players get drunk." Redknapp believes that it is up to footballers to be role models for the youth of Britain. "You've only got to go abroad in the summer to certain parts of the world, you see drunken kids laying around, acting like maniacs, causing problems and it's a problem we've had in this country for years now," added Redknapp. "There's too much of it and I think footballers should set an example. "I don't understand why they get drunk. You can't even get a slice of white bread in the canteen here. Everything here is geared up to healthy eating. "What's the point if then they are going to drink 10 pints of lager. I don't see why they have to get on the booze, especially footballers." Apart from the ban on alcohol, Redknapp is also considering barring them from entering nightclubs. "Of course, why not? I don't want them going out to nightclubs, " he said. "I can ban them, we can do what we want. We're paying them massive money. They have a fantastic job coming here every day to train to be super-fit, to be top of their profession for a few years. "They have the opportunity to earn money so they don't have to work again for the rest of their lives. So why can't they dedicate themselves to it?"

Source: BBC_Sport