Jordan should have fronted England's World Cup bid, says Harry Redknapp

05 December 2010 12:10
Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp said England might as well have sent Jordan to promote their World Cup bid - never mind thrusting royal and political heavyweights into the fray.

As the fall-out from the Zurich stitch-up continued to reverberate around the English game yesterday, Redknapp summed up the sense of exasperation at being outgunned by Russia for 2018.

Impressive front pairing: Jordan could have boosted support for England

Redknapp, who takes his fifth-placed team to Birmingham today, said: 'It's like going on X Factor and then meeting up with the judges for a couple of days and saying: "I'm a sexy bird". You've either got it or you haven't.

'We had the end product. Prince William, David Beckham, the Prime Minister, fantastic. They obviously went over and did everything they could, did a great job, couldn't have done any more.

Stunned: Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp

'(But) we could have sent whoever, I mean we should have sent Jordan over, or someone.'

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Source: Daily_Mail