Is Leandro Damiao on the radar again for Spurs?

02 May 2013 10:07

Today I am reading about Damiao again going to Spurs, and again it’s 'going to happen within the next year'.

Well to be honest I have just about had enough of reading the same story about the same player for the last 4 transfer windows. Please, if this deal is going to be done then Mr Levy get it done! If it’s not going to happen then other press sites really need to find something else to write about.

Now don’t get me wrong I do rate the player and I would love to see him at White Hart Lane, all I’m wondering is the deal ever going to get done? There is apparently third party ownership and club rights and also sought of complications that I don’t understand and really don’t see having any place in football, but hey that’s another story for another day. At the end of the day does the player even want to come to Spurs?

I haven’t read a press release where the player has come out and said “I want to go to Spurs” all we get is the same press officer statement of “one day I hope to play at a top club in Europe” now for a fan that doesn’t help us does it?

So why don’t we hold off on the Damiao stories until we hear from the player? And I bet you that if asked where he wants to play it won’t be at the lily whites of White Hart Lane. As the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona will be the first on the players list.

So what am I saying as is the same with every high class player that Spurs get associated with if it’s going to get done then Mr Levy get it done as the waiting till transfer deadline day in the hope that the player is going to be cheaper than 30 days before doesn’t help the growth of the our beloved Spurs and most definitely affects the team gelling into a unit of greatness.

Source: DSG