Is it the end for Tottenham Hotspur and their Champions League hopes?

08 April 2013 08:55

There are currently 6 games left of the season and already as a fan I have to ask, has the chance of the Europe’s elite competition coming to White Hart Lane gone for another year?

Now, the only reason I am asking this is because of the factors that happened this week. Spurs have lost Bale and Lennon in the same game, and with Chelsea and Arsena'sl games in hand, it is going to be a very tense and difficult run in for us fans.

So what do Spurs need to do? Ideally they need to be able to score goals and win games without Bale. But they also need to show that there is more to their game than just Bale and Lennon bombing down the wing and crossing it in. Do they need to show more constructiveness to their game?

If you were AVB and manager of Spurs what would you do? Well I for one wouldn’t be playing 4-4-2. Spurs just don’t have the players to be able to do this. Well, with Holtby, Dembele, Gylfi and Parker this would give Spurs a more central and a more fluent and free flowing game. A 4-1-3-2 would be ideal for this Parker sitting in as a defensive midfielder, and the other 3 attacking players playing their game and not trying to make them play a game they are not comfortable with. Short, fast passing and let the players move and swap positions.

Now that’s just me. But let me know what you would do to be able to get Spurs to the Champions league.

So come on Spurs get that place in the Champion’s League and make all us fans very happy!

Source: DSG