Here come the girls!

11 February 2009 04:52
We're looking for female fans of Premier League clubs to take part in a special Super Sunday double-header on FanZone. [LNB] Here at Sky Sports, we want to encourage more women to apply to represent their team on FanZone, so we're having our first Ladies' Day in April. [LNB]If you've got the gift of the gab and love talking about football, why not put your talents to the test? [LNB]We will need four ferocious females to master the mic on the big day - fixtures yet to be announced - so if you think you could teach Andy Gray a thing or two, or you know someone else who could, get in touch now! [LNB]To find out more about what makes a great FanZone commentator, click here[LNB].[LNB]If you fit the bill, then send us an email with filliing in your details and answers to the questions below: [LNB]Your Name: [LNB]Your Team: [LNB]Age: [LNB]Occupation: [LNB]Daytime telephone no: [LNB]Who are your favourite players (past or present)?[LNB]What's your best football moment? [LNB]Why do you think you would make a good FanZone commentator?[LNB]If you've got a photo or a video clip to support your application, please attach it to your email. [LNB]Apply to[LNB].[LNB]Keep checking the FanZone website [LNB]for more details about Ladies' Day... [LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports