Hefty Huddlestone should put his back into bossing games, not moaning about Spurs future

04 March 2009 08:26
Tom Huddlestone may have to leave Tottenham in the summer if he is to achieve his potential. The midfielder is frustrated at his lack of opportunities at Spurs but he must realise he is a luxury the team really cannot afford. Huddlestone has good vision and great passing ability but his work-rate and tackling are not at the same level. Nowhere near, and at a club overflowing with players for his position and facing a fight against relegation it is no surprise he hardly gets a look in. Moaning about it won't get him anywhere. The 22-year-old is a player who promises the world but never quite delivers and that is what he should be working on with the season's run-in already underway. With his talent and physique he should be running Premier League games not flitting in and out. A move in the summer to a club with an authoritarian manager who will force Huddlestone to improve his all round game might be beneficial and with major surgery expected on the Spurs squad this summer, he might not have much choice anyway.

Source: Daily_Mail