HATCHET MAN: Harry not wild about Europe - Redknapp fears becoming a victim of his own success

08 May 2009 12:20
Harry Redknapp is fighting a losing battle if he hopes to keep a lid on expectations at Tottenham.

The manager has been reminding anyone who will listen that he has done well  to keep Spurs in the Premier League this season.

Take it or leave it: Harry Redknapp is guarded against expectations getting out of hand at Tottenham.

But the trials and tribulations of the early part of the campaign have long  been forgotten at White Hart Lane.

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Jonathan Woodgate said: 'The aim is always to get in the top four and the Champions League. It's going to be a better team next year, you can see how the  team has changed under the manager.

'It's taking shape in the training ground and we are starting to do it on a  Saturday.'

Redknapp is certainly canny enough to know that much more of that sort of  talk over the summer and he will be on course to become a victim of his own success, but he had better get used to it.

Spurs have never been a club who are prepared to take things one step at a  time and realism simply doesn't come into it.


Source: Daily_Mail