HATCHET MAN: Harry must scrap Cisse swoop as Tottenham boss draws up his summer hitlist

27 April 2009 09:32
Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp will be linked with a lot of new strikers before the summer transfer window is over but it will really be something if he is connected to a worse player than Sunderland's Djibril Cisse.[LNB]As Spurs search for a new goalscorer to spruce up their attack the Frenchman is likely to be looking for a new club, but the idea of a marriage of convenience should stop there.[LNB] [LNB]Wrong choice: Djibril Cisse is not what Tottenham need[LNB]Cisse is one of the players little Englanders could easily be are talking about when they complain about the foreign invasion. He has added very little but has cost a lot of money (to Liverpool first and then on loan at the Stadium of Light).[LNB]   More from Hatchet Man... HATCHET MAN: Expect the worst as Chelsea deploy Bosingwa to shackle Messi27/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Rooney's rejection is a joke, especially when Anelka nicks his PFA place27/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Villa boss O'Neill misses the target with his friendly fire27/04/09 HATCHET MAN: When Clegg met Keano: I can Truly Seymour Foggy times ahead when the summer whine starts at Portman Road24/04/09 HATCHET MAN: The best league in the world? Not if the likes of Robinho can end up its top scorer24/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Welcome to Oil Drum Lane, new home of Tottenham Hotspur FC - that'll step on a few toes24/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Rafa's facts are fiction - 'Better than United' Liverpool will win nothing this season - as usual24/04/09 HATCHET MAN: FIFA chief Sepp Blatter deserves a dressing down23/04/09 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE And when you combine him up front with Kenwyne Jones, who Redknapp was also linked with in January by the way, it is not hard to see a major reason for Sunderland's struggle.[LNB]If the Premier League table was based on goals scored they would be bottom three by now, rather than teetering on the edge above the relegation zone.[LNB]Neither of Sunderland's strikers looked interested against West Bromwich Albion, a game they lost 3-0 on Saturday, even though they both started it on a run of just one goal in eight matches and that shows the sort of character a manager could do without.[LNB]One or both could be up for grabs in the summer and managers always seem to think they can get the best out of under-performing players like them, but unless they have money to burn Harry and co should steer well clear.[LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail