HATCHET MAN: Don't you ever learn Ledley? Two wins don't make Spurs Champions League material

18 March 2009 09:37
Ledley King has been at Tottenham [LNB]for so long that he seems to have become infected with the club's classic condition: talking up the team too early.[LNB]Spurs have only just moved into a position from where they can confidently claim they are safe from relegation but the defender is already making bold statements about competing with the Premier League's top four next season.[LNB] [LNB]Not world domination: Ledley King lifts the Carling Cup a year ago - now he's backing Spurs for the Champions League[LNB]There is nothing wrong with a bit of ambition but isn't that jumping the gun just a little? Things looked pretty good on paper for the club last summer and look what happened.[LNB]Unrealistic expectations have long been a problem at White Hart Lane and caused the downfall of more than one manager, so King would be well advised to not to set up Harry Redknapp for a fall.[LNB]   More from Hatchet Man... City reject Mills, happy to talk a good game instead of playing it, washed-up at just 31[LNB]18/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Just like the way he went down, Pedersen's excuse is thoroughly unconvincing[LNB]17/03/09 HATCHET MAN: O'Neill for England? There's only one deal on the Villa manager's mind here[LNB]17/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Clumsy and aggressive: Olsson won't save West Brom with his new tactics[LNB]17/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Don't blame Benfica for wanting nothing to do with Middlesborough flop Alves[LNB]17/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Jagielka heads the race for easy money in the aftermath of the Carlos Tevez affair[LNB]17/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Unhappy fans should target O'Neill, the real Villan of the piece, not burned-out Agbonlahor [LNB]16/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Two goals in two matches hardly makes shin-digger Essien prolific - he's only got 16 in 148 games for Chelsea[LNB]16/03/09 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE[LNB] Much better to talk confidently but not get carried away while the team remains upwardly mobile and make their point with results. [LNB]Oh, and getting this season out of the way might not be a bad idea too.[LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail