HATCHET MAN: Don't you ever learn Ledley? Spurs won't make lapdogs of the Big Four by winning two ga

18 March 2009 10:09
Ledley King has been at Tottenham

for so long that he seems to have become infected with the club's classic condition: talking up the team too early.

Spurs have only just moved into a position from where they can confidently claim they are safe from relegation but the defender is already making bold statements about competing with the Premier League's top four next season.

Not world domination: Ledley King lifts the Carling Cup a year ago - now he's backing Spurs for the Champions League

There is nothing wrong with a bit of ambition but isn't that jumping the gun just a little? Things looked pretty good on paper for the club last summer and look what happened.

Unrealistic expectations have long been a problem at White Hart Lane and caused the downfall of more than one manager, so King would be well advised to not to set up Harry Redknapp for a fall.

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 Much better to talk confidently but not get carried away while the team remains upwardly mobile and make their point with results.

Oh, and getting this season out of the way might not be a bad idea too.


Source: Daily_Mail

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